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Donkey Kong InDie

Remake feito por InDie Francês do game Donkey Kong impressiona pela qualidade, veja:

Ele não trabalha com games, não se considera um desenvolvedor, e nas horas vagas produziu na engine UDK.

Dia 1º Dezembro o Game estará disponível para download free a plataforma PC. Na página dele há um botão para doações de qualquer valor, vale a pena contribuir com o InDie.

Segue abaixo a entrevista que ele nos respondeu sobre algumas estapas e softwares que utilizou ao longo da produção, mostrando que paixão + trabalho sério dão resultados.


Hello Edward!

Thanks a lot for the kind message!

Yes I developped the game with the UDK (October 2011 version, because that’s when I really started to work on it).

For the modelling part, I used 3ds Max 2010. Textures with Photoshop, and the code in UScript with Notepad++.

I’m French, and I my real work is in the aerospace industry, so nothing related to games!

I worked on this game on my spare time after my job because I really love the Donkey Kong Country games, and after having worked in a team on a UT2004 mod, I wanted to achieve something alone. The aim with this game is simply to share with others my passion for DKC and try to design interesting levels with interesting gameplay, with a lot of influence from the original games.

I’m not planning on selling it or making money, with this game, it will always be free.

I hope that if I make another game in a few years, A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country will be a good reference, and it’ll be easier to convince people to invest on my projects. But that’s not planned at all right now! And I think I’ll stay in the aerospace business for a moment.

I’ll definitely check your website!

Thanks again, and see you soon, I hope you’ll like the game!


O game estará disponível nesta página:

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